Wednesday, November 20, 2013

E-version of my book "Your first guide to water quality monitoring in Singapore" is out!

In case some of you are not aware, you can download a free (yes, free!) e-version of my book "Your first guide to water quality monitoring in Singapore" at PUB's website.

[Added by author on 6 April 2016]
Due to new security requirements for government websites by IDA, the above link to PUB no longer works and I have no idea whether it will be reinstated in the future.

[Added by author in Oct 2016]
If you would like to have an electronic copy, please join my mailing list here. Once your subscription has been confirmed, you will be offered the option to download a copy.

[Extracted from PUB's website when it was still available]
Water Quality Monitoring in Singapore
Authored by Kwok Chen Ko, in collaboration with PUB – Singapore’s national water agency, "Your First Guide to Water Quality Monitoring in Singapore" allows teachers and students to explore water quality monitoring with minimum academic theory. The key topics covered include:

  • The most critical water quality parameters to monitor.
  • How to design a robust water quality monitoring programme for a chosen water body.
  • Common problems encountered and how to avoid them.
Chen Ko is currently an Environmental Science lecturer from Singapore Polytechnic. The book is made possible by the FairPrice Water Education Fund