Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Workshop: Applying Water Quality and Filtration (supported by Lifelong Learning Council & Singapore Red Cross)

Figure: SETA water filtration unit for use in humanitarian assitance/ disaster relief
Date: 13 May 2018 (Sun) / 20 May 2018 (Sun)
[The 2 sessions are similar so you only need to sign up for one unless you feel like you need a revision.]
Time: 1 - 5p.m.
Venue: Red Cross House, 15 Penang Lane
No. of places for each session: 40 pax
Workshop Description
Water quality is a constant challenge for disaster relief and developmental work in developing countries. You may find sufficient water sources but how do you know whether the water is drinkable? When the lives and welfare of your beneficiaries are dependent on your judgement, it is imperative you make the right decision.
Often, the staff or volunteer responsible for such work is in need of useful and concise information on water quality and filtration to act effectively in the field.
At the end of this workshop, the learner should be able to:
  1. Identify critical water quality parameters to consider in the provision of drinking water
  2. Decide on the water contaminants of significance
  3. Apply the correct type of water filtration (if any) in the provision of drinking water
This workshop emphasises hands-on work by the learners in literature search and water quality testing.

Figure: Chemical testing of water quality

A project supported by the LearnSG Seed Fund:
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Also supported by
Singapore Red Cross