Sunday, May 27, 2018

Workshop Review: Applying Water Quality and Filtration (supported by LearnSG Seed Fund & Singapore Red Cross)

Applying Water Quality and filtration!

Groups and individuals had a great time on 13 and 20 May 2018 at Red Cross House, learning about the water quality parameters critical to drinking water, how to test if the water is safe and some methods to produce safe drinking water.

The workshop was not merely a theoretical classroom lesson as participants got to interact with the facilitator and other participants, discussing about their uncertainties and fears regarding safe drinking water. The workshop ended with a hands-on session in which participants had the opportunity to dirty their hands (gloves actually) testing several critical water quality parameters in water samples.

Figure: Hands-on session with apparatus and materials laid out on the benches

Figure: When using a colour comparator, make sure you hold it at a light source (ideally the sky) for a good reading
Figure: Hands-on session with instruments and chemical reagents
Figure: Nitrate test - User was holding a test strip and comparing its colour. In the background was another test kit requiring the addition of chemical reagents.
Figure: Using a colour comparator to test for ammonia. Holding it to the sky gives a good reading of the ammonia level in the water sample
Figure: Thanks to the support Singapore Red Cross, we had this comfortable and conducive environment for our workshop.

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