Friday, February 24, 2017

Learning journey to Choa Chu Kang (CCK) Waterworks (WW)

As part of my workshop on Anatomy of a Water Treatment Plant for Professionals, we visited CCK WW. It was real eye opener for me and the participants. Though I have visited Chestnut Drive WW previously, there are enough differences (now and then, Chestnut Drive vs. CCK) to make this trip a genuine learning journey.

Regrettably, one major difference is the prohibition of photography in the plant so I have no images to display here.

Without giving away too much (you have to go there to see for yourself!), here are some interesting stuff from the trip.
  1. Kudos to the PUB staff there! They are visibly passionate about their work and were patient in answering our questions throughout the trip. At one point, we were stuck at a certain place because of rain. Our guide called for help in the form of plant truck to ferry the lot of us back to the admin building. Nice...
  2. Lots of upgrading works in the pipeline
    1. Polymeric membranes will give way to ceramic membranes which are supposedly tougher and longer lasting.
    2. Biological activated carbon (BAC) will be used soon to polish up the treatment
  3. Remote monitoring is the trend! Online monitoring of various parameters is done pervasively throughout the plant. And that is not all... the parameters can be monitored all the way at PUB HQ. Anything goes off specs, CCK will receive a questioning call. The monitoring system also ties into sms messages that inform the staff when things go off specs.
  4. Backup is the norm
    1. Generators are always on standby in case the power goes down.
    2. SG actually has a standby waterworks. I won't tell you which one here.
    3. We have a standby reservoir too! It is not actually used in day to day operations!