Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AEM: Water Quality and Pollution

Title: Water Quality and Pollution
Code: AEM/SP/MS/008
Offered by: Singapore Polytechnic
Coordinated by: Kwok Chen Ko

This AEM focuses on understanding and testing of water quality in Singapore's natural areas. It is ideal for students interested in environmental work in the outdoors and laboratory. Experiential and reflective learning are naturally incorporated in this module.

Learning outcomes
a) Understand water sources and the aquatic environment
b) Understand how water chemistry affects water quality
c) Understand the interactions and interdependencies in a water ecosystem
d) Appreciate the impacts of water pollution beyond the immediate water system
e) Appreciate the importance and techniques of water sampling and monitoring
f) Understand the theory and practice of water pollution prevention
g) Appreciate the relevant regulations and legislation on water quality

This module facilitates learning through:
a) field work - water monitoring and sampling in natural areas e.g. Bt Timah, Sungei Buloh
b) laboratory work
c) interactive learning activities e.g. web of life, map assessment