Friday, October 31, 2008

AEM: Water Quality and Pollution for Bukit Panjang

My AEM on Water Quality and Pollution for Bukit Panjang cluster of secondary schools (West Spring Sec, Bt Panjang Govt High, Kranji Sec, CCK Sec, Tech Whye Sec) is scheduled to run in Jun 2009.

How I wish there is more manpower to run this AEM for more schools. I sincerely believe that the experiential and outdoors learning inherent in this AEM is beneficial to our youth. I also believe that such a learning approach will bring out the creativity in our participants when they find that unlike in a classroom or lab, many things do not happen in a controlled manner in Nature. Even the best plan may go into the chute when a sudden downpour crashes overhead as they work on their water sampling They will then be forced to figure out alternatives or perhaps sacrifices to accomplish their objectives.

* However, safety is always of paramount importance. It will in no way be compromised throughout the module.

Singapore Polytechnic's official webpage for my AEM:

Figure: AEM students at work in the lab

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