Monday, January 19, 2009

Fish Digestions Help Keep The Oceans Healthy

We know that the pH of the oceans is kept buffered at a near constant level. pH is among the top parameters in any water system as it controls many physical, chemical and biological mechanisms. The main contributing buffer in the oceans is the carbonate-bicarbonate system.

Again, we have lots to learn. For example, how is carbonate cycled? It was previously believed that microscopic plankton stores carbonate as calcium carbonate. Based on this report, as much as 15% of calcium carbonate pass through bony fishes' digestive systems before being passed out as waste. These fished have hence become significant participants in the carbonate cycle.

via Wild Asia > News and Events by (katrin) on 1/15/09

London (Reuters): The digestive systems of fish play a vital role in maintaining the health of the oceans and moderating climate change, researchers said on Thursday. Computer models showed how bony fish produced a large portion of the inorganic carbon that helps maintain the oceans' acidity balance and was vital for marine life, they said. T ...

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