Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Singapore International Water Festival (SIWF) (20-21 June 2009): Environmental Quiz Challenge

This job is quite unlike any water quality monitoring I have done. Heck, it isn't even water quality work (despite the "Water" in the title). I had the fortune to be tasked with organising the event "Environmental Quiz Challenge" under the umbrella of SIWF. SIWF is an appetiser of sorts before the main event, Singapore International Water Convention which stretches for 1 week.

Quite simply, the Quiz is a competition for secondary schools to fight it out for the top 3 prizes. But what is really NEW and DIFFERENT is the venue - this event (and the Festival) is held at the Marina Barrage. What a way to launch our nation's latest (and very expensive) water infrastructure!

You probably can gather by now - this event is organised by PUB (no surprise) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

If you are interested to know more the Festival, check out this page.

If the Environmental Quiz Challenge is your target, check here.

Figures (L-R, T-B): Inspirational vista of the main courtyard; the CBD (and IR) as viewed from the Barrage; the actual barrage itself; Courtyard Room - where the Quiz is held

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