Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Singapore International Water Festival (SIWF) Environmental Quiz... at last! (19 - 21 Jun 09)

Good food, healthy turn-out and a few lessons in event management...

Yup, that is all I have to say about this inter-secondary school environmental competition organised by yours truly on a bright and cheerful SUNDAY (the caps are intentional).

I will henceforth let my figures do the talking (L-R, T-B):
Our MCs practising their scripts on 19 Jun 09, prior to the actual event on 21 Jun 09 (by the way, they did a marvellous job!);
Other helpers going through their designated roles on 19 Jun - you can certainly see that stress is not on their minds;
The actual day - student competitors in the front, teachers at the back (no, the teachers are not supposed to help);
A side event - my short and sweet poster presented at the concurrent exhibition manned by 3 of my students;
Dragon boaters in formation warming up for the competition (NOT my quiz but their dragon boat race);
The quiz finalists with our director in the customary photo shoot at the end.

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