Thursday, January 28, 2010

FAQs on AEMs (advanced elective modules): Water Quality and Pollution

  1. What are AEMs?
    Check out characteristics of AEMs
  2. What are the dates and times?
    The teacher in-charge will have to work out the schedule with coordinator of the AEM (typically a Polytechnic lecturer). Each module is 40h so it will take about 5-6 full days either condensed into a week or spread across several weeks.
  3. How many participants are required?
    Minimum 20. I normally stick to a maximum of 20 for safety reasons, especially in laboratory and field work.
  4. When must I give you the list of participants?
    The name list can be sent to me latest 1 week before the course starts.
  5. What is the cost?
    br>$400 per pax. MOE can subsidise $345 with $55 coming from the student or school.
  6. How do we go about applying for the MOE subsidy?Check out application of funds for running AEMs
  7. Are teacher required to be present?The presence of a teacher is preferred, especially for the field trips.
  8. What is the AEM, Water Quality and Pollution about?Check out my flyer or the description
  9. If I need more information, who can I approach?For further clarifications on policy and implementation issues, please contact:

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