Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AEM: Water quality and pollution (Mar - Apr 10)

It always feel good to get into teaching water quality monitoring (WQM) to students. No doubt, you can argue round and round about the benefits to the environment, the next generation, the world etc. but ultimately, the teacher/instructor has to be passionate about what he teaches. If not, all the other reasons do not matter.

Here is the latest batch from Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary).

Figure: Introduction to WQM by having a "field trip" to the nearby fish pond. Notice the student in the foreground wearing slippers. He became the first "casualty" when he slipped into the water. Yes, such things happen, even in a controlled environment like a fish pond.

Figure: Basic data collected on the fish pond. They seem to indicate that the fishes are having a good time in the well maintained pond.

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