Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singapore wastewater reuse

Dear Sir,

I am currently looking for information regarding wastewater reusing in Singapore.

Basically, I am looking for the Singaporean regulatory framework as far as reuse of wastewater is concerned, to answer this very specific question : which recycled water quality for which use (agricultural, domestic, urban uses…) ?

I have found your blog very interesting and I wonder if you could help me to find the information I need or to advice me where I could find it.

This would be extremely helpful.

I really thank you for your diligence.

Yours sincerely,

Dear N,

As mentioned in an earlier post, Singapore is a small country so almost all its water needs and wastewater (domestic) handling services are provided by a single government agency,  PUB (Public Utilities Board). Again, due to the country's size, reuse of domestic wastewater is limited to the production of NEWater and industrial water by none other than PUB. NEWater is a highly purified water suitable for high-end electronics manufacturing (and drinking of course) but also used to supplement our reservoir water. Industrial water is non-potable and only used by chemical industries in Jurong Island.

The water quality of NEWater is partially given here (I am sure many more other tests on NEWater have been performed though their results are not publicised). Water quality for industrial water is even harder to find. You probably have to approach PUB for more answers.

Good luck.

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