Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My current green project part 1: grey water recycling system

Here is the mindmap which I presented to a group of participants for a major green project we are working on. (Sorry, can't reveal much detail at this point of time.) It contains the important design considerations for a grey water (i.e. water from the sinks, shower, laundry BUT not the W.C.) recycling system inherent in the project. (Click on the figure on look at the whole map.)

 Figure: Possible candidate for the plant treatment cell - Canna Lily. This is an example of phytoremediation - using plants to clean up the environment.
Figure: Another possible candidate for the plant treatment cell - Heliconia sp. Both candidates are easily available in Singapore as they are extensively used in landscaping.

For more information on phytoremediation, refer to my previous posts here.

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