Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New publication on water quality monitoring in tropical ponds

This just came out hot from the press, published by CUGE (Centre for urban greenery and ecology). I am one of the contributors.

Title: Guidelines on Water Quality Assessment and Management for Tropical Ponds

"Guidelines on Water Quality Monitoring for Tropical Ponds sets out recommended standards for pond water quality for key parameters with reference to empirical measurements from 59 ponds across Singapore. It explains how to use water quality monitoring results to diagnose water quality concerns, and outlines a range of associated management strategies for addressing water quality issues in tropical ponds."

This guide is basically for tropical freshwater ponds. And it is geared towards assessing and managing the problem of eutrophication in ponds. No surprise since eutrophication happens to be the dominant problem in Singapore ponds with most under the jurisdiction of Nparks.
Of particular usefulness is a set of water quality guidelines e.g. salinity, pH, turbidity, total nitrogen, total phosphorus with qualitative and quantitative limits. This provides a useful benchmark for pond managers to determine the health of their ponds.
This guide discusses several management strategies to deal with eutrophication e.g. chemical treatment, wetlands, dredging, filtration.

Overall, it is a great introduction to the world of pond water quality, especially for  park managers who are familiar with plants and landscaping and clueless about water quality.

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