Tuesday, March 07, 2017

3 Critical Questions to Choosing Your Water Filter

With the recent announcement of a hike in the price of water in Singapore by 30% (implemented over 2 years - 2017 and 2018), there is a need more than ever to conserve water (and money).

For those who are thinking of getting a water filter, you should be doing so based on cold rationality and not paranoia or hearsay. To help you with this task, do read on about what I have to offer.

I have always thought of writing a book on how to properly choose a water filter. What factors to consider? What kind of homework one should do beforehand?

As always, time is always short in supply but high in demand so that project has been put on hold. And frankly, I do not know whether there is actually a market demand for such a book. Dear reader, your comments are welcome in this matter so drop me a message/email/comment on whether you feel there is a need for such a product or if it is a silly idea.

Nevertheless, I still feel that my posts on water filters and water testing are not as coherent as I wish so I went ahead to summarise and organise them into a coherent decision process flow. The end result is a document which I hope you will find useful.

At its core, this is a process I have developed over the years to enable you to choose your water filter as painlessly as possible while still covering all the critical bases in your decision making

Note that this document only deals with removing pollutants from your water. It does not address adding "beneficial" supplements e.g. magnesium, alkaline water, hydrogen water into your drink.

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