Thursday, July 25, 2019

Some Thoughts on Hydrogen Water

Hi Chen Ko,

I am Kenny, similarly i have great interest in drinking water. I started this journey i was put incharge of fresh water system during my national service with the navy. There was a time i am the project manager for <> from water technology. I have not much interest of PH and alkaline, and i agreed on your point on PH and alkaline. But i wish to hear your view on Hydrogen Rich Water and negative ORP for water from natural way, not the ionized way. Thank you


Hi Kenny,

My take on hydrogen water is still the same as my last post on the subject.

In a nutshell, there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond doubt the various health benefits of drinking hydrogen water. Google it up and you can find lots of such claims.

A few facts about hydrogen

  1. Hydrogen gas (H2) does not dissolve well in water, even less so than oxygen gas. You may be able to hit a respectable solubility of 0.3ppm (mg/L) so even if you drink exclusively hydrogen water at 3L/day, you are only taking in 1mg of hydrogen per day. Is that enough for providing the claimed health benefits? I don't know...
  2. Hydrogen is the smallest known molecule. That makes it very mobile and penetrating. It can pass through physical and biological barriers e.g. cell membranes, even through metals. Sure, it can reach into the depths of your body and perhaps confer some of those mentioned health benefits. On the other hand, it can just as easily escape from your body without staying inside long enough to work its magic.
  3. Earlier, I mentioned about hydrogen penetrating metals e.g. steel. Usually, this is bad news as it creates "trails" through the metal, thus weakening it and possibly enhancing other forms of corrosion within the metal. What does it do as it goes through the human body so easily? Can there be adverse effects in a biological system? I am not sure...

I am not exactly sure what you meant by hydrogen water produced by the "natural" way as opposed to the ionised way so I can't say for sure their differences. However, if it is still the same hydrogen gas dissolved in water, then the above facts still hold true.

Figure: Canned hydrogen water selling for a few dollars per can. For illustration purposes only, definitely not an endorsement.

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